Bed-clothes for kids

Your baby has grown up and instead of a small cot, you bought a baby sofa or a couch. Now the problem is only one to pick up the child-bed linen. The oilcloths and diapers are gone and next to you there is an adult with his own taste, preferences and vision of the world.

But at the same time, he is still very small. Any uncomfortable situation and the family does not sleep all night. Then, the next day he does not go to his bed. You’re confused. Relatives are advised to consult a psychologist. And just something wrong picked up a set of bed linen.

What to consider when choosing bed linen for

  1. The material from which the set of linen is made

Of course, preference should be given to the cotton. Currently, cotton fabrics can be of different types.

  1. Color and pattern on bed linen

Color must not exasperate the baby. It should also get a miss horrible pictures and comic strips, which are sometimes drowned.

  1. Size of baby bed linen

The size of the child’s bed sheet should be slightly larger than the size of the mattress so that it can be tucked under the mattress on all sides because children often turn around and knock the bed. At the same time, it is desirable that the blanket slip exactly match the size of the blanket otherwise the blanket will be knocked in one of the corners of the blanket cover.

  1. Sewing quality of children’s bed linen

Any good material can be spoiled by poor tailoring. Carefully inspect the processing of seams on the underwear. Pay attention to the thread with which it is sewn. The seams should not be too rough. Threads must be suitable for the material color.

  1. The children’s clothes manufacture

After the choice is made, pay attention to the manufacturer. Perhaps it’s not too important if you are satisfied, but sometimes it can help to make the final choice.

Some more tips

  1. Do not buy a small child bed linen made of artificial silk fabrics. Contact with the skin of the child with artificial silk is not useful for the child.
  2. You can buy sheets of fine linen. Provided that it is a very good treatment.

And the last

After reading this article, you may think that the choice of bed linen is very difficult. In fact, it is not so. Having tried once to do everything as it should be, you will quickly get used and will do automatically, without thinking where these skills came to you.


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