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Advanced Communication Systems Security 2017 Certificate

A 6-Days Certification Program Designed By Mourad Henchiri For Advanced Professionals Who Want To Crush The Threats And Reach The Other End In 2017


Why are we doing this?

Are you committed to levelling up in Security, Forensics and Communications? Good, certainly, so are we.
What excites us the most is turning professionals into key experts. We like to think that our experience is YOUR shortcut.
You see, according to the industry’s statistics, by 2019 the market will be short of over 1 million (!) high-tech security experts with skills needed to effectively protect communication systems.[Source:Financial Times]
We want to change it. That’s why we created a certification program “Advanced Multi-Platform Communication Security Course for 2017”.

How is this training different from others?

Only once a year

You’ll only learn things that will be crucial and most relevant in the following year. We run the training only once a year, never with the same content.

Only advanced stuff

You’ll skip the fluff and go straight to the advanced stuff. The pace is quite intense, so expect a smoke of data coming out of your ears.

Only NEW tools and techniques

The training is pretty hands-on, because it has been designed by passionate practitioners and obsessive researchers from KwasKo Team.

Only cool presenters!

We’ll bring a bunch of experts on board, but it’s Mourad Henchiri who will be your main teacher and the host of the program.

Course Formula

Advanced Multi-Platform Communication Security Course for 2017

LIVE Trainings

A 2-hour long live classes on a special interactive platform – happening twice a week at 7PM CET (10AM PST / 1PM EST).

Action packed

12 modules in 6 weeks. We’re not fluffing around, you’ve been warned. This is your Life kick-off to secured digitalization.

Once a Year Only

This course is only once a year, in its last cycle. Every next edition is updated with new tools and challenges.

Interactive classroom

After every class you’ll be able to ask questions.

Extra materials

We’ve prepared for you slides, extra materials and homework for each session.

12-month Access

You’ll get a full year of online access to all the recordings (counted from the first class).

The Training Lab

During the course you’ll have access to a special training platform where you can safely test your forensics & trespass.

Social & Network

You’ll become a member of a closed Facebook group, where you can not only share your challenges and geeky jokes… but, absolutely, also network.

KWASKO Certificate - "Security & Communication Master 2017"

You’ll receive an official KWASKO certificate “Security & Communication Master 2017″ after passing the final exam. Yes, there will be a final exam.

Our Works

Realizations that differentiate the fluff from the expertise.


Digital Communications

Forensics & Trespass

Skills for Expertise

Secure Programming

Security Knowledge


Maths is Fun


Cutomize Public Protocols

Off Comunications

Off Tracing

Networks Programming

Dedicated Programming

Wireless Communication Security

Securing The Air

About The Academy

Yes! Think of us not as just a school, but as your career partner. With the help of our many tools and resources, your career development begins in school and continues beyond graduation. KwasKo’s Expert Guide Services Department will be there to help as you:

  • Advance in your current status - From a Professional to an Expert.
  • Establish a new career
  • Transition from the military to the civilian workforce

Video Intro


In order to achieve its vision, AIU’s student-centered community will challenge and nurture learners to ensure they receive a quality educational experience resulting in excellent personal and institutional outcomes. The University will value the following in support of its mission, purposes, and vision:

  • Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  • Innovation
  • Services
  • Opportunity
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
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Course Syllabus

Click here to browse the modules:


Module 1

2017 – Cross-Platform Security and Internals


Module 2

Secure Programming


Module 3

Attacking & Securing Windows Network


Module 4

Handling Ransomware & Other Malicious Software


Module 5

Virtualization management


Module 6

Offline Access – Threats & Prevention


Module 7

Communication & Network Security


Module 8

Attacking & Securing Web Server


Module 9

Forensics Techniques & Automating Actions


Module 10

Programming Secure Edu ERP


Module 11

Off Line Access & Cryptography


Module 12

Communication & Security Summary

Meet The Team

Your Teachers

Jane Man

Project Manager

Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater



Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater

Nasir uddin


Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater

Certification Skills


Certification History

Expertise in security auditing, also in training certified by IFAE & AIU, international organizations delivering the only certifications recognized worldwide on the security of computer communication platforms.

KwasKo is an emblematic figure in the field of communication solutions & computer security. All of us we grow up as per the knowledge we earn.

International conferences, seminars and symposiums; in which we launched softly the invitations to this course in its first edition; and also we did for this new 2017 edition.

KwasKo is getting more and more responsibilities toward its customers worldwide.

More intensified trainings & e-trainings are delivered in short and much more better planned and ameliorated time cycles to respond to the clear different customers' needs worlwide.


This course is for geeks who want to become advanced Communication security experts. If you want to set yourself (and your company) apart from your competition, this is the course for you. You must already be fluent with different environments & networks architectures (and including a knowlrdge related to security skills, penetration testing etc.). Servers related knowledge is required. We already have a great group of approved applicants from different Conferences where we did a soft launch of this course. Including:
  • Professionals with over 5 years of experience in security & communication solutions related projects.
  • Working in public, commercial, and security consulting companies.
If you are not sure if you qualify for the course, take the quiz to see where you stand. If you score above 12 points, you should apply here.
Well.. not exactly. You must pass the final exam to receive a certification (it is a part of the course so no additional payment is required). To pass the exam, you must answer 70% of the questions correctly. When you pass the exam, you will receive a KwasKo Academy Certificate – “Secure Communication Master 2017.”
We are not just a training company. All of our experts spend 60% of their time working as consultants on client cases around the world. We split the rest of our time evenly between research and teaching. This allows us to stay up to date on cutting edge security & data transmission knowledge, skills and tools that other training institutes lack. This rare. Every year’s course will be completely rebuilt to keep up with emerging communication technology trends. Finally, we believe the best way to make you learn is to keep the course fun, social and interactive. We are cool geeks 🙂
Mourad is widely recognized as the best trainer and speaker at international conferences.


Click here to browse the modules:


Intermediate to Advanced Security Programming Professionals

This program is for you, if you want to level up and become key expert in your company (or even in your field). We promise to challenge your ways of thinking and executing.


Ethical Hackers(who are familiar with…)

Attendee needs to have general fluency in Windows as well as Debian based environments (also security skills are required, penetration testing etc...) Servers related knowledge is required. Take the quiz to see where are you at.


Brave Newbies

If you are a newbie you can still apply, but the program WILL NOT cover the basics — so it might be really challenging for you to get in or to keep up with the group.

If you’re not sure where are you at, you can quickly test yourself by taking Mourad’s Security Quiz >>>
(If you score 13 points and above — this training is for you)

What KwasKo Academy EXECUTIVE Board members say

We trust the Learning outcomes of the training provided by KwasKo corp. and we ensure all of our current and future students that the profficency is guaranteed. You may test your self by taking Mourad’s Security Quiz >>>
(If you score 13 points and above — this training is for you)

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Once Again, What Are You Getting


  • You’ll participate in a live, online certification program, divided into 12 modules spread over 6 weeks.
  • Live, online sessions happening twice a week, 2 hours each (at 7PM CET / 10AM PST / 1PM EST).
  • The syllabus covers 12 modules: Accessing (Attacking) & transmitting data securely & Securing Your Environment, Security Programming, Handling Ransomware, Forensics Techniques, Incident Response… and much more.
  • The program has an interactive, hands-on formula — and after every class you’ll be able to ask questions.
  • During the 6 week program you’ll also get free access to the KwasKo Training Lab and closed Facebook group where you can share your challenges and upgrade your network.
  • You’ll receive an official KwasKo certificate “Windows Communication Security Master 2017” if you pass the final exam.
  • All the video recordings and extra materials are yours to keep for 12 months from the start of the program.

Apply Now

We’ll be taking on board 200 students only. Admission is selective. We prioritize: your skills and professional achievements, but also your attitude and how you can contribute to the group — so that we all can learn from each other. Good luck!

Fun Facts

Sincere ! Yes, we are. Yet the funny face is dominant; the team KwasKo, and in order to prepare this Certificate has registered:


Tuition Table

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  • full training
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  • Technical related assistance
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • $2850 full training
    Security Guide
  • full training
  • full archeive access
  • 1 year follow up
  • Networks Security Specialist's assistance
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • $2850 full training
    Telecoms & Security Guide
  • full training
  • full archeive access
  • 1 year follow up
  • Telecoms & Security Specialist's assistance
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

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